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Clover Needlecraft Inc.

Natural Fit Leather Thimble

Natural Fit Leather Thimble

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The first-ever finger-shaped natural fit leather thimble creates a smooth curve from the edge of the fingertip to the middle of the finger with no stitches where the needle hits the thimble so the needle can be pushed from the most convenient spot. This natural fit leather thimble creates a smoother hand sewing experience.

Sold in 3 sizes, small, medium and large. 

To find your size, Take a string and measure around the tip of your thimble finger. Then measure that length and buy the closest size below. The leather will stretch over time. So buying a snug fit thimble is better. 

Small: 1.7" Circumference

Medium: 1.9" Circumference

Large:  2.13" Circumference


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