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Muslin fabric by the Yard is an affordable fabric made for its lightweight and breathable qualities, its used for garment fitting, mock-ups, and draping. We use it as sew in interfacing frequently to save fabric and costs on our garments. 

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Muslin Fabric by the Yard

Muslin Fabric History

Muslin use to be just the word for Fabric back in the ancient times. You could find it in a variety of weights and qualities from India's fine almost transparent delicate fabrics, to thicker and sturdier weaves.

Muslin is now typically referred to as a cheap or affordable cotton plain weave fabric. It's either bleached or un-dyed cotton, and is most often used for mocking up garments, testing your fit, or using as interfacing.

Good quality muslin can be used as a quilt backing, or quilting fabric, its dye-able and very affordable for beginner quilters.