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Explore the 100% cotton fabric by the yard, available at Ko Fabrics. Known for its softness, breath ability our 100% cotton fabric is an ideal choice for shirting, dresses, skirts, and more. We love cotton since its natural, bio-degradable and a very affordable option for beginner sewers.

You can find it in a wide variety of qualities and fabric types, giving it a range of properties to select for. Such as the durability of a twill fabric, or the lightweight fabrics like Lawn or Poplin. Cotton Fleece can be used in the winter for an affordable and warm shirt or jacket lining. Or a Double Gauze for a soft and cuddly dress or blanket.

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Cotton Fabric Types and Options

Cotton fabrics offer a wide array of textures and uses, catering to various preferences and needs. Fleece, a soft and plush fabric, provides warmth and comfort, making it ideal for cozy loungewear and blankets. Twill fabric features a diagonal weave pattern, lending durability and structure, commonly used in jeans and workwear. Lawn fabric is lightweight and finely woven, known for its crisp texture and smooth finish, perfect for delicate blouses and summer dresses. Poplin, characterized by its tightly woven construction, offers a smooth surface and excellent durability, suitable for shirts and tailored garments. Chambray, a lightweight plain weave fabric, resembles denim but is softer and more breathable, making it ideal for casual shirts and dresses. Each type of cotton fabric brings its own unique qualities, ensuring versatility and comfort in a range of sewing projects.