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Our Tote bag fabric by the yard ranges from durable canvas fabric for everyday use to lightweight linens for grocery bags. We sell a range of patterned canvas fabrics that rotate on a seasonal basis. 

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Tote Bag Fabric

Tote Bag Fabric Options

When making a tote bag, consider using a sturdy and durable fabric like cotton canvas or denim, which can withstand the weight of items and frequent use. Additionally, fabrics such as upholstery fabrics or heavyweight cotton can add structure to the bag, making sure it holds its shape well. For a lightweight option for grocery bags, opt for cotton twill or a medium-weight cotton blend, which offers durability while still being easy to sew and customize with different prints or patterns.

Quilting cotton can be used for kids tote bags, or light go bags to keep in case you need a spare bag on your trip out of the house.