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Welcome to Ko Fabrics, where we teach others how to begin their slow fashion journey, by posting free sewing patterns, sourcing quality fabrics, and creating kits to help you get sewing faster.

I'm Sarah Tomko, and Ko Fabrics was born out of a desire to build something slowly. After working for years in product design and marketing, I became sick of the build fast, break things cultures. I thought that building a business should be an intentional and mindful process.

Sarah Tomko Fabric Store Dream

I began to think about ikigai, the Japanese word for "reason for being". Its a sum of your passions, values, calling, and what's good for society. After consideration, I realized my passion for sustainable fashion could combine with my crafting and teaching desires.

I love thrifting clothing, sewing my own clothes, repairing what I can, and keeping what clothing I have in good condition. All these combined made me realize I could promote a sustainable lifestyle, teach others how to mend, or tailor their clothing, and sell fabric that I felt was well sourced and natural in fiber.

That was that, I would open a fabric store, source a curated stock of fabrics for projects, write blogs to teach different sewing and tailoring skills, and begin building kits to help beginners start their own sewing journey.


A photo of Sarah, and her husband, Jon, and their dog. The back ground is woods with pine needle floor. They are both smiling and petting their dog.

Meet Ko Fabrics

Hi I'm Sarah, and this is my family, I got married in 2020 to my wonderful husband, we have 2 cats, and a dog in our household.

We're located in Columbus, Ohio.

  • Promote slow fashion

    In this world of quick trends, un-ethical practices, and disposable fashion we want to follow a different path. We believe in helping people break free of fast fashion by suppling the tools and information they need to get started and sustain their journey.

  • Be better for the world

    We believe in trying to leave the world a little better than we found it. We try to source from reputable brands so that we know how the fabric was manufactured and produced. Using materials we know are bio-degradable, or that use sustainable methods for production. We try to purchase materials that we believe are manufactured ethically.

  • Live with integrity

    We are committed to being authentic, following our morals, and embracing honesty in our interactions. We treat our customers and employees with respect and dignity.

    We work purposefully, so that we can become a beacon for others who wish to pursue their passions and change the world in what little ways they can.