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Quilting Cotton by the Yard

Quilting Cotton by the yard and Flannel fabric. Shop our rotating quilting fabric. Quilting cotton fabric is a staple for creating beautiful and durable quilts, offering a soft and smooth texture that's easy to work with. 

We offer fabric for baby quilts, florals, solids, and mixers for your quilt project. With a rotating fabric selection come check us out to see what all new fabrics we have in stock.

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  • We promote slow fashion

    In this world of quick trends, un-ethical practices, and disposable fashion we want to follow a different path. We believe in helping people break free of fast fashion by suppling the tools and information they need to get started and sustain their journey.

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  • Be better for the world

    We believe in trying to leave the world a little better than we found it. We try to source from reputable brands so that we know how the fabric was manufactured and produced. Using materials we know are bio-degradable, or that use sustainable methods for production. We try to purchase materials that we believe are manufactured ethically.

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  • Live with integrity

    We are committed to being authentic, following our morals, and embracing honesty in our interactions. We treat our customers and employees with respect and dignity.

    We work purposefully, so that we can become a beacon for others who wish to pursue their passions and change the world in what little ways they can.

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