Free Throw Quilt Patterns | Reflecting Peaks Quilt | Easy Throw Quilt

Free Throw Quilt Patterns | Reflecting Peaks Quilt

Hi ya'll,

Our free throw quilt patterns originally launched on Medium when I was calling myself Curious Quilting Co., which turned into Picked Stitches, and then when I chose to start selling Fabric I rebranded one last time as Ko Fabrics. I wanted to move our free throw quilt patterns over and take down my old Medium post, but have no way to access my old account. So we're re-posting here and hoping it all works out.

This pattern was one of the first throw quilt patterns I made on my own, writing the pattern myself, and then testing it and making it a few times. I learned a lot about how to make free throw quilt patterns, and I'm happy that it ended up leading me to start my own business.

Enjoy the Reflecting Peaks Quilt and let me know how your make goes!

free throw quilt patterns

Reflecting Peak Quilt Pattern Instructions

Difficulty: Beginner

- Straight-line sewing

- Minimal details on finishing (ie.. Quilting/Binding Techniques not included, we'll post some links to google for you though!)


Throw Quilt COlors | free throw quilt patterns

The Reflecting Peaks Quilt is a simple yet fun quilt. This pattern will make a roughly a 50 x 65-inch throw size quilt.

Free Throw Quilt Fabric needs:

This free throw quilt patterns requires a handful of colors in order to make it. You can make this with as little as 2 colors, or as many as 7!

    A: Lightest Fabric Color: 1 1/4* yard
    B: Light Fabric Color: 1/2 yard
    C: Mid-Light Fabric Color 3/4 yard*
    D: Dark Fabric Color 3/4 yard
    E: Accent Fabric Color 1/2 yard
    Binding: 1/2 yard Fabric
    Backing: 3 yards Fabric

    *Buy a 1/4 yard more if you want wiggle room

    We think our Bear Fruits quilting cotton line is perfect for this design


    Cut your throw fabric into strips:

    • A: 9 strips WOF at 4.5 inches
    • B: 3 strips WOF at 4.5 inches
    • C: 6 strips WOF at 4.5 inches
    • D: 18 strips WOF at 1.5 inches
    • D: 2 squares 3.5 inches x 3.5 inches
    • D: 2 squares 5.5 inches x 5.5 inches
    • E: 2 squares 12 7/8 inches x 12 7/8 inches
    • Binding: 6 strips at 2.5* inches

    *For the binding feel free to cut to your preferred width.

    Sub-cut your Throw Quilt Fabric:

    Always cut the longest pieces first, keeping the scraps for the smaller cuts when possible.

  • A: 39.5 inch (x2), 35.5 inch (x2), 22.5 inch (x2), 18.5 inch (x2), 14.5 inch (x2), 12.5 inch (x2), 10".5 (x2), and 8.5 inch (x2)
  • B: 24.5 inch (x2), 20.5 inch (x2), 7.5 inch (x2), 3.5 inch (x2)
  • C: 34.5 inch (x2), 30.5 inch (x2), 17.5 inch (x2), 13.5 inch (x2)
  • D: 38 inch (2x), 37 inch (x2), 35.5 inch (x2), 34.5 inch (x2), 30.5 inch (x2), 24.5 inch (x2), 23.5 inch (x2), 22.5 inch (x2), 18.5 inch (x2), 17.5 inch (x2), 15.5 inch (x2), 14.5 inch (x2), 13.5 inch (x2), 12.5 inch (x2), 8.5 inch (x2), 7.5 inch (x2)
  • E: Take the two 12 7/8 inch squares and cut along the diagonal to create 4 triangles.
  • Throw Quilt Instructions | free throw quilt patterns

    Assembling the Throw Quilt Blocks:

    Throw Quilt Instructions | free throw quilt patterns

    For both block variations, start by taking the dark square, and add the shorter light color to one side, then add the next light color to the side connecting the light and dark squares. See the image above. Continue building the blocks this way.

    For the block variation B with the 5.5" square center. The blocks will go past the edge on the outside of the block. You will trim these after you’ve assembled your quilt top.

    Make 2 of each block variation.

    Throw Quilt Instructions | free throw quilt patterns

    Block A Final Step

    After block A is assembled, trim the sides to square the block up. Then add the triangles to the outside border edges, lining up one of the short sides to the outside edge.

    Assembling the Throw Quilt Top:

    Sew block variation A to block variation B, do this for both sets.

    Throw Quilt Instructions | free throw quilt patterns
    Throw Quilt Instructions | free throw quilt patterns


    Finishing your Throw Quilt:

    Cut your backing in half so you have two 1.5 yard cuts. Line up the salvages and sew together.


    Throw Quilt Instructions | free throw quilt patterns

    Sandwiching your quilt:

    Lay the backing on the ground, smooth out all the wrinkles. Use painters tape to keep the backing in place. Lay down the batting, and smooth out all wrinkles. Lay down the quilt top and smooth out all the wrinkles. Using safety pins, pin together every 4 inches.



    Finishing your quilt:

    Quilt your quilt using your preferred method.

    After quilting, square up the quilt and trim the excess batting/backing off. See image.

    Bind the throw quilt edge using your preferred method


    We hope you enjoyed the free throw quilt patterns we have made for you!

    We hope you enjoyed this throw back pattern, and we hope you have fun making the Reflecting Peaks Quilt. We originally launched this pattern back in 2020 (LOCKDOWNNNNN) and it was our first attempt at making our own pattern, and this project led us down the road to having our own store and fabric business.

    It just goes to show that taking the first step and learning something new can lead you to extraordinary adventures and take you places you never thought possible.

    Sewing a Free Throw Quilt Pattern

    Please link back to the original pattern when sharing. I’d also love a call-out on Instagram if you decide to make this pattern.

    Don't want to make your own Throw or Baby Quilt? We'll make one for you!


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