Free Beanie Sewing Pattern | DIY Toboggin Tutorial | Downloadable Pattern

Toboggin | Free Beanie Sewing Pattern | DIY Tutorial

Hi all! This simple Free Beanie Sewing Pattern is available to download for free. You can sew it together in just an hour and have a cute beanie to wear or gift. 

It fits a wide range of head sizes for adults or teens, and can be worn rolled up or as a slouchy beanie. 

Toboggin | Free Beanie Sewing Pattern Download 


Free Beanie Sewing Pattern Instructions:

  1. Print and tape the pattern together, matching the cross hatches up. Choose your size based on the instructions printed on the pattern.
  2. Cut out your beanie per the instructions on pattern.
  3. Sew the bottom edges together. Right sides together. Using a zigzag* stitch, or an overlock or serger. 
  4. Going in order, sew the peaks next to each other together one by one. Do this on both sides.
  5. Sew the long edge together starting at the peak and working down towards the seam. Leaving a 1-2 inch hole to flip the beanie inside out.
  6. Flip right sides out. And whip stitch the hole closed. 
  7. Choose your outside and inside of the beanie, Then you can wear!

Roll up the bottom of the beanie about 1.5-2 inches for a fitted look. Or lean unrolled for slouchy styles. 

This Free Beanie Sewing Pattern is perfect for our Avalon Knits!


*If you are using a zigzag stitch, I prefer to use a stitch length of 1-2, and a wide zigzag width. You can let one stitch go over the edge when sewing, or catch both edges in the fabric. You can also use a overlock stitch if you prefer that stitch type.

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