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Quick Coquette Bow Tutorial | Sailor Bow

Learn how to make your own Coquette Bow Tutorial / Sailor Bow tutorial using fabric scraps you have laying around the house. This sew along video tutorial is good for beginners who want to learn some sewing skills without having to purchase a bunch of sewing supplies. You'll learn the back stitch, how to pin, and how to mark your seams.


  • A: 8x20" inch (or up to 8x24) cut of woven fabric (use used linen, but silk and cotton work)
  • B: 2x4" inch cut of woven fabric
  • Thread
  • Scissors


Coquette Bow Tutorial Steps:

  1. With the outside print facing together Fold the both pieces of fabric in half width wise (hot dog fold style).  And Iron flat.
  2. (A) Draw a 3/8" seam allowance along the top of the bigger piece (A).
  3. (A) Make a 2" hole on the top seam towards the middle to leave open so you can flip the bow inside out.
  4. (A) On the short edges, measure in 2" on the top line. Draw a diagonal towards the corner, leaving a little room for your seam allowance at the point. 
  5. (B) Draw a 3/8 seam allowance along the smaller piece (B). Leaving one short side open.
  6. Sew along the lines, making sure to skip the marked hole (A). And leaving one edge open on the smaller piece (B)
  7. Trim the corners, so the seam allowance isn't as wide there.
  8. Flip both pieces inside out, So the printed outside fabric is now facing you.
  9. Poke out the corners till they are sharp.
  10. Hand sew the openings shut using a whip stitch.

To Assemble the Coquette Bow

  1. With the short side of the bigger piece (A) facing up  (and the long side facing down).
  2. Fold the bow so the the top corner touches the bottom edge, and that it crosses over the middle a few inches at minimum. Do the same with the other side.
  3. Baste using very wide stitches, (where you want the bow to fold in at).
  4. Pull the baste thread so that the bow scrunches up. Fiddle with it till it looks how you'd like it to. Then wrap the thread around it and stitch down.
  5. Take the small piece (B). And wrap it around the middle of the bow.
  6. Whip stitch in place.
  7. Pin in hair with 2-3 bobby pins to secure.


Coquette Bow Tutorial Alterations:

  • If you want a long bow. Make your big piece longer.
  • To add a hair tie, before whip stitching the band in place, insert a hair tie into the loop.
  • To add a permanent clip, Hot glue or use thread to tie the band to the clip.
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