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Rustic Hooded Infinity Scarf

tStay warm with our flannel hooded infinity scarf. Made from soft flannel, it's cozy and perfect for chilly days. The hood adds a practical touch while giving your outfit a chic upgrade. It's perfect for cottagecore winter aesthetics, or adding some warmth to your renaissance fair outfits.

After having worn this scarf on walks in the winter I can say it keeps my head and ears warm while making me feel like I'm out of a fairy-tale and wandering through the woods. It doesn't look out of place, but still works if you want to pair it with your witchy, or other ren-fair peices.



Follow along with our hooded infinity scarf tutorial video, and download our free PDF pattern below. 


Download the hooded infinity scarf pattern below:

Download the Hooded Infinity Scarf Pattern


 Materials needed:


Hooded Infinity Scarf Pattern Quick Steps:

Seam allowance 5/8"

  1. Download the pattern above and tape the pieces together following the instructions.
  2. Watch the video tutorial here: Youtube Video Tutorial or using the embedded player above.
  3. Cut pattern out of fabric, marking notches, and darts.  you should have 2 hoods.
  4. Line up and sew the darts.
  5. Sew the top edge of each hood together.
  6. Flatten the back edge, lining up the top seam with the corner notch. So that the hood now have a curved edge on the back. Sew together.
  7. With Right sides together, pin the lining to the outside hood. matching seams and notches. 
  8. Sew the outside edges together. Start seam 1" from edge of scarf, and leave 1" at the end.
  9. Under stitch the outside edge. 
  10. Sew the neck edge. Clip rounded corners. 
  11. Flip hood right side out. 
  12. With right sides together, Match up the outside edges with the 1" clearance. Sew together. 
  13. Press flat. 
  14. The press lining. Lining up the seams and folding the the seam allowances. Pin, and hand sew together using a whip stitch.

And your finished!


We hope you enjoyed this tutorial, let us know if the comments how your hooded infinity scarf turned out!

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