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Menswear Sewing Patterns Resources | Why is it so hard to find menswear patterns?

Although I typically sew clothing for myself, on occasion I sew menswear for my husband. When I started trying to find menswear sewing patterns I came up short multiple times, how to fix fit issues, finding good patterns, and finding tutorials tailored towards men.


Looking into it the main reasons seem to be that the market is highly geared towards women, so the mainstream resources are going to be for female fashion.  This means that most the big brands are going to ignore that market or put minimal effort into it. So our menswear sewing patterns just come down to pajama pants, or family kits from the big brands.


Over the last few years I've found a few menswear sewing patterns resources I'd like to share to help you on your menswear sewing journey. These dedicated men sewers, tailors, seamstress-ers are creating content, and tutorials for mens fashions.

If I missed any let me know in the comments below and I'm happy to add them to my list.

Menswear Sewing Patterns Resources:


Norris Danta Ford

Youtube Here

Norris has a lot of sew alongs that follow his menswear sewing patterns, which are printed with Simplicity and can easily be found in Joann's (if they aren't sold out). His patterns are some of the only ones at Joann's for men that have a variety of new options to pick from. Most other lines tend to have a button up shirt and pajama set (from 10 years ago) and that's it. His patterns work great with many of our knits and woven fabrics on the store.

He tends to have current fashions, streetwear, and tailored garments. So you'll have multiple options to pick from compared to other big brands. 

He also hosts interviews on his channel called Dope Men Sew, which can introduce you to even more men to sew.

Bonus, if you need help reading your sewing pattern, we have an article to help you learn.



Cornelius Quiring

Youtube here

Cornelius has, over the last year, started to shift his videos towards basics for men, that focus on getting started, understanding pattern making, and different tips and tricks.

I like using his videos to help me figure out fit issues with my husbands shirts. And following him on Instagram will give you access to nice tips and tricks on a regular basis.



Tock Custom

Youtube here

Tock has been on YouTube for a long time now. I love his beginner techniques videos where he teaches beginner seams, using your machine, and tools for beginners. He's also got multiple tutorials on t-shirts, and button up shirts to help you get started. 


Happily Dressed

Youtube here

Happily dressed is great for current trends, fashion and style. He has thrifting videos as well as tutorials for sewing garments. He has quiet a few jackets that I've looked at making recently. He has a few menswear sewing patterns tutorials as well, so you can sew along with him.



Youtube here

This is a new find for me. Vintagebursche is best if you are looking to get into tailoring jackets, vests or pants. His expertise lies in more formal wear and vintage styles. 


Glory Allan

Youtube here

Glory Allan is focused on streetwear, and cloning your clothing tutorials which can be great for beginners. He has tips and tricks, and sewing machine reviews as well on his page. 



If you prefer written instructions, there are some great books out there on menswear sewing patterns & pattern making for menswear, however most of these will take some basic knowledge on pattern drafting to use. Which Cornelius, in the list above, has a few beginner videos on, that we recommend you watch before buying these books.

Remember check your local library's options before buying! They always have sewing books available that might be useful even if they are geared towards women.

  • Patternmaking for Menswear: Classic to Contemporary
    by Myoungok Kim, and Injoo Kim
  • Metric Pattern Cutting for Menswear 5th Edition
    by Winifred Aldrich (Author)
  • Pattern Cutting for Menswear
    by Gareth Kershaw (Author)
  • Ultimate Illustrated Guide to Sewing Clothes: A Complete Course on Making Clothing for Fit and Fashion (Landauer) Installing Zippers, Using Notions, Slopers, Patterns, Tailoring, Alterations, and More Paperback 
    by Joi Mahon (Author)


Got other favorites you'd like to share?

Let us know below if we missed any good channels, brands or tutorials we should include in this list!

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